Below you will find our Service Request Form. Information submitted through this form is sent directly to our field biologist who will respond to your request as promptly as possible.

Types of requests residents can submit:

  • Report Mosquitoes – residents who would like to report heavy mosquito presence, and would like Mosquito Abatement to investigate the areas for a potential wide-area treatment
  • Request a Property Inspection for Mosquito Presence – a field biologist will visit your home to look for mosquito habitat. If possible, they will treat those mosquitoes that they do find and make recommendations for future actions to be taken.
  • Add my driveway to the spray route – homes located a distance greater than 225 linear feet from the nearest parish maintained roadway can be evaluated for inclusion on our treatment map.
  • Standing water – use this selection to report standing water that has not drained for five or more days. (Example – a wooded area near your property)
  • Apiary – if you would like to add your beehives to our pollinator map, our biologists will use this as an additional layer in their treatment decisions.
  • Request Exclusion – residents who wish to request treatment exclusion may select here to have a biologist evaluate if they qualify.