Insecticides targeting mosquito larvae (larvicides) destroy mosquitoes before they can mature into blood-sucking adults – reducing populations before they become a problem in the first place. Larvicides have two major benefits for mosquito abatement: larvae tend to aggregate in large numbers in aquatic habitats, and the majority of larvicides tend to have little to no effect on non-target species. STPMAD most often uses larvicides in roadside ditches to control Culex quinquefasciatus, the primary vector of West Nile virus in St. Tammany Parish. Larvicides are frequently sprayed using a spray truck, but can be sprayed by hand and aerially by aircraft.

Larvicide products used by St. Tammany Mosquito Abatement are listed below:

Methoprene mimics a hormone found in mosquitoes that prevents emergence of pupae into adults.

Product SDS Label
Altosid Liquid SR-20 Altosid Liquid SDS Altosid Liquid label
Altosid XR-G Altosid XR-G SDS Altosid XR-G Label
Altosid XR-B Altosid XR-B SDS  Altosid XR-B Label
MetaLarv S-PT  Metalarv SDS Metalarv Label

Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus are bacterial agents that kill mosquito larvae by binding to and rupturing the midgut lining. Spinosad is a bacterial agent that interferes with the nervous system of mosquito larvae.

Product SDS Label
VectoBac G VectoBac G SDS VectoBac G Label
VectoBac 12 AS Vectobac 12 AS SDS VectoBac 12 AS Label
Spheratax 50G Spheratax 50G SDS Spheratax 50G Label 
Natular Natular SDS Natular Label 

Surface oils form a film on the water surface. The film interrupts the mosquito larvae’s ability to breathe through their air tube.

Product SDS Label
CocoBear CocoBear SDS  CocoBear Label