Insecticides targeting mosquito larvae (larvicides) destroy mosquitoes before they can mature into blood-sucking adults – reducing populations before they become a problem in the first place. Larvicides have two major benefits for mosquito abatement: larvae tend to aggregate in large numbers in aquatic habitats, and the majority of larvicides tend to have little to no effect on non-target species. STPMAD most often uses larvicides in roadside ditches to control Culex quinquefasciatus, the primary vector of West Nile virus in St. Tammany Parish. Larvicides are frequently sprayed using a spray truck, but can be sprayed by hand and aerially by aircraft.

Larvicide products used by St. Tammany Mosquito Abatement are listed below:

Methoprene mimics a hormone found in mosquitoes that prevents emergence of pupae into adults.

Product SDS Label
Altosid Liquid SR-20 Altosid Liquid SDS Altosid Liquid label
Altosid XR-G Altosid XR-G SDS Altosid XR-G Label
Altosid XR-B Altosid XR-B SDS  Altosid XR-B Label
MetaLarv S-PT  Metalarv SDS Metalarv Label


Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus are bacterial agents that kill mosquito larvae by binding to and rupturing the midgut lining. Spinosad is a bacterial agent that interferes with the nervous system of mosquito larvae.


Product SDS Label
VectoBac G VectoBac G SDS VectoBac G Label
VectoBac 12 AS Vectobac 12 AS SDS VectoBac 12 AS Label
Spheratax 50G Spheratax 50G SDS Spheratax 50G Label 
VectoBac WDG  VectoBac WDG SDS VectoBac WDG Label 
VectoBac GS  VectoBac GS SDS VectoBac GS Label 
VectoLex WDG  VectoLex WDG SDS VectoLex WDG Label 
Summit G  Summit G SDS Summit G Label 


Surface oils form a film on the water surface. The film interrupts the mosquito larvae’s ability to breathe through their air tube.


Product SDS Label
CocoBear CocoBear SDS  CocoBear Label


Aquatic herbicides are used to reduce habitat sources for two of our most problematic marsh mosquito genera, Mansonia and Coquillettidia species.


Product SDS Label
Procella COR Procella COR – SC SDS Procella COR -SC Label
2,4-D 2,4-D – SDS 2,4-D – Label
Trichlopyr Trichlopyr SDS Trichlopyr Label