Each week we have a team of Larviciders – you might recognize them in their left-side driving Jeeps – treating sewage polluted ditches throughout St. Tammany. The below map shows where they spray treat those ditches each week with one of the larval mosquito control pesticides. These ditches are regularly inspected by Field Biologists and are known to have significant mosquito production.

Don’t see your septic ditch on the map? Well, it could be because of one of the following reasons –

  • The ditch has historically not been a source of mosquito production. If the ditch is healthy and supports mosquito predators, the Biologist might have determined that your ditch is not a significant source of mosquitoes.
  • Our team did not know that a wastewater system was draining into the ditch and has not been regularly inspecting the water for mosquito production.

If you don’t see your ditch on the map and would like to have a Biologist perform an inspection – please complete a property inspection form and select “inspect my ditch.”