Insecticides targeting adult mosquitoes (adulticides) are an important tool, as they are the last line of defense against nuisance and virus-carrying mosquitoes.  Adulticides are sprayed by truck and/or airplane in response to high mosquito populations, or areas with known mosquito-transmitted disease (such as West Nile). STPMAD uses only EPA-registered products that have minimal risk to non-target species, and strictly follow legal requirements for calibration and timing of spray events. Adulticides are sprayed primarily after sunset, a period when mosquitoes have been shown to be most active, and when honeybees and other beneficial insects are least likely to be encountered.

Adulticide products used by St. Tammany Mosquito Abatement are listed below:

  • Pyrethroids and organophosphates interfere with the nervous system of adult mosquitoes.
Product SDS Label
Dibrom Concentrate Dibrom SDS Dibrom Label
Duet Duet SDS Duet Label
Scourge Scourge SDS Scourge Label
DeltaGard DeltaGard SDS DeltaGard Label
D-Fense_SC D-Fense_SC SDS D-Fense_SC Label