Presentations to Homeowners Associations and Civic Organizations

District personnel are always available to provide presentations to homeowners and civic organizations throughout the parish. In addition to providing operational information to these groups, the District can learn of any particular mosquito related problems that individuals may be experiencing. Person-to-person meetings with groups helps to foster better cooperation and better understanding on both ends.

Press Releases

The District provides both the print media and the TV media with operational updates, alerts, and special occurrences for dissemination to the general public. The media is the quickest way to provide information to a large number of individuals. During the threat of a mosquito borne disease such as West Nile virus, it is important that residents are regularly informed of the current status, steps the District is taking, and measures that residents are urged to take.

VII. Mosquito Susceptibility Tests

Routine laboratory tests are conducted on mosquito larvae and adults to monitor and detect changes in mosquito susceptibility to various products used for their control. These studies are designed to alert the District to the first indication of mosquito resistance before it develops to a point where mosquitoes cannot be controlled by conventional means. If a change in susceptibility is detected, the District can take steps to prevent resistance.

WHO larval baselines

These are standardized lab tests routinely conducted on mosquito larvae using Bti, the most common product the District uses for a larvicide. A larval baseline is also conducted when a large shipment of product is received to test it for quality control. So far, there has never been any evidence of mosquito larval resistance to Bti in St Tammany Parish.

Wind Tunnel Tests

These tests are standardized lab tests using a wind tunnel to simulate actual ULV spraying to measure a mosquito’s response to various dosage levels. This data provides the District with information regarding any changes in a mosquito’s susceptibility to the insecticides used. Appropriate changes are made if a slight change is detected in order to prevent mosquito resistance.



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